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Finding Living Relatives - FinderMonkey


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Nottingham, England.
We have been asked many times about finding "Living" relatives by members, and we have to be careful regarding posting sensitive information openly on the internet.

We have a company who is sponsoring the Forums for April 2012 called FinderMonkey, here is a bit more about them:

Tracing Living Relatives
When researching your family tree you often come across branches within the tree that you did not know about and the logical conclusion is you find you have some living relatives that you did not know existed. What can be done to find these people and how can you do so cost effectively? Here the Head Researcher at FinderMonkey.co.uk Mr David Oates explains some tactics that can be used to locate living relatives in the UK. David and His team specialise in locating living people for a wide variety of reasons.

“As you are researching your family tree you will no doubt be enjoying the thrill of researching and uncovering facts about the history of your own family. In truth, tracing living relatives is not much different. In actual fact we use genealogy websites when we are performing searches for living relatives. Important facts for tracing the living include their full name, their age and the location of their birth, if you have found a living relative whilst researching your family tree chances are you will already have this information putting you in a great position for finding them. At FinderMonkey we have access to systems that are not made available to the public as we have to be licensed to access them, this puts us at a massive advantage over a home-made2 super sleuth but for any budding Sherlock’s out there, there are still many things you can do.”

So if you are stuck trying to find a living relative - please give FinderMonkey a go - Sure you will not be dissapointed :)
Hi All,

I thought I would introduce us in a more official capacity. FinderMonkey specialise in locating living people. This can be old friends, relatives that you have never met as well as debtors and land owners.

Here is a great story about some work we recently did to united one of our customers with her brother - http://www.findermonkey.co.uk/find-my-brother

We have several services for locating people but the most popular one is our People Tracing service and to answer the above question. The service is provided on a 'No Trace No Fee' basis, so if we cannot locate the EXACT person you have lost touch with there is no charge. If we are successful the fee is just £49.99.

I appreciate that the forum is not here solely to advertise our business so I won't mention our services again but will part take in any discussions that I think I can help with.

If you have any questions or need any advice feel free to PM me or contact me through our website.

Thank you