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Finding out where people are buried


I am trying to trace my family members from Devon and Birmingham which is going "fairly well" so far however the last resting place for the people discovered eludes me.

Is there a place that you can go to discover where people have been buried ? On the BMD index there is a slightly more accurate place of death however I need to find a way of seeing the exact place so I can view the grave etc.

Can anyone help me ?

There are some grave websites however they seem to be about 99% the rest of the world and less that 1% for UK records.


Ancestry has a data base "Birmingham C of E burials 1813 - 1964", that is from parish registers for burials in church graveyards so will not include municipal cemeteries.

Find My Past has 74,000 records of burials at Handsworth Cemetery 1909 - 2010.

If you think your ancestors may be in either of these but you don't have subscriptions to Anc or FMP post the details here and someone will check.

Also if you know the date of death the funeral arrangements will probably be in the local newspaper (probably available at the local library). this was the only way of announcing a death before people had phones.

Hope this helps

PS Find My Past also has a large data base of C of E Devon burials
Do you have any memorial cards?? may be other members of your family have some?? I have quite a few, at the bottom they usually print the name of the cemetary and even give the plot number.
Often family members used the same cemetary or church yard which helps. I haven't been yet, but I'm hoping to go sometime later this year, it's about time I visited my father's grave again!!

I don't no - all I know if that their names were Edwin Samuel Bates who died in 1933 in Birmingham and his wife Florence Alice Bates m.s Aubrey who died in 1950, again in Birmingham.

An address for Florence has come up which was 79 Cowley Road Birmingham and my mum has confirmed that this was a connected address however that was from an electoral poll in 1955.

Asking about where they are buried is a complete "taboo" and will not be disclosed to me.

My grandmother is 89 now and is very poor health, I fear that time is running out to find as much as I can about my past as she is the only living relative to the Bates / Aubrey line that I have.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have checked Ancestry & Find My Past but found nothing.

I expect you have the death certificates and so know the exact dates. I looked on www.birmingham.gov.uk/cemeteries, there are eleven municipal cemeteries in Birmingham (details on that site) so I think you will have to contact each one and ask them to check burials in the week or two after the death. There will probably be a charge but maybe not if you know the exact date. If you have been to any funerals of other relatives of Edwin & Florence I would start with those cemeteries.

If the subject is taboo it is likely that Edwin was buried in a public grave rather than a private family one but he will still be in the records of the relevant cemetery.

Good luck