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Finding the adress of where ancestors lived in the 18thC


New member
Can anyone offer me some guidance on how to find the address of where people lived before the the advent of the Census in 1841? The Census was a great help in pinpointing the specific address of where families lived but going back from 1841 into the 18thC there where no census and few newspapers to refer to. The reason I ask is that when families used naming conventions such as first male child takes the same name as their father etc. combined with potential spelling errors such as a family name with or wothout a final 'e' at the end it becomes very difficult to tell whether they belong to the same family or are two separate families.

Any help would be appreciated.
Baptisms of the area of a Baptism. Also there are Poll Books and Electorial register, Ann or Anne, Jane, Joan, Joane. If it looks like a duck, it's usually the same


Name John Ives
Poll Year 1713
Hundred Aylesbury
Parish or Rectory Great Missenden
County Buckinghamshire