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Finding the (Scottish) parents of Jacob Schot/Scott 1699-1755, living in Holland


New member
Dear reader,

First of all, thank you for reading this message!

I am writing to you from Holland, but apparently we have some distant Scottish roots.
In the Netherlands I usually am able to find the resources I need for expanding our family tree, but for Scotland I just don’t know where to look.

The last person I have found, is Jacob Schot (1699-1755), married to Annetje Krabbendam (1699-1787). Jacob lived in Gorichem at the time of his marriage, but they got married in Schiedam in 1724.

Jacob and Annetje had (at least) nine children:
1. Kornelis, babt. 24 feb 1726 , witnesses: Dirck Krabbendam, Judik Krabbendam en Pieternelletje van der Velde
2. Wouter, babt. 25 dec. 1727, wit.: Dirck Krabbendam, Judith Krabbendam en Pieternelle Gijse
3. Judith, babt. 23 dec 1729, wit. : Judith Krabbendam, Dirk Krabbendam en Pieterss(?) van der Velde
Pieternella Gijse van der Velde was gehuwd met een broer van Anna Crabbendam.
4. Sophia, babt. 29 apr 1731, wit.: Dirck Krabbendam, Pieternelletje van der Velde en Ingetje Grijns
5. Aron, babt. 6 mrt. 1733, wit.: Dirck Krabbendam, Pieternelletje van der Velde en Artie (?) de Haag
008864934 848/893
6. Aron, babt. 22 sep 1734, wit.: .: Dirck Krabbendam, Pieternelletje van der Velde en Ingetie Griens
7. Anna, babt. 13 jun 1737, wit.: Dirk Krabbendam, Pieternelletie van der Velde en Ingetie Griens
8. Geertruij, babt. 15 aug 1738, wit.: Dirk Krabbendam, Pieternelletie van de Velden en Engeltje Griens
9. Dirk, babt. 21 okt 1739, wit..: Dirk Krabbendam, Pieternelletie van de Velde

The birth of these children has been checked by me in the church records of Schiedam (protestant).
The witnesses to these baptisms seem to be relatives of the mother, and variety is quite limited.
From this, one might conclude that the father was foreign, but even the mother doesn’t seem to have a large network.

Jacob Schot (Scot/Scott/Schott) 1699-1755 can be found on FamilySearch:

The parents that are listed for him do not seem correct though – as this couple got married in 1652 and Jacob (apparently) was born in 1699.
I was not able to find his birth in any church books.
If Jacob and Annetje followed the (Dutch) naming system – which they do seem to do – the parents of Jacob Scott should be Wouter/Walter and Sophie/Sophia.
I have seen quite a few church books by now, and the name Sophia is very rare in Holland in the 17th century, so it could very well be that she’s not Dutch.
Does anyone know how I could best proceed in finding the parents of Jacob Schot?

Kind regards, Sanne

PS: Schot means ‘Scotsman’ in Dutch

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