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First Time Member - Hello to the Forum

Rhyll, Phillip Island
Greetings from Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. I have been researching my family history for many years now both ancestors in Australia and Ireland and my research is now moving into the UK so I may need some help!

The UK families that I am researching their surnames are Quelch and Gentry.

My Quelch family came from Oxfordshire and the family then resided at No. 10 Holks St Middlesex (don't know where the street is) and then immigrated to South Australia in 1864. My Thomas Charles Quelch was a cordwainer (I knew he was a shoemaker - but cordwainer is now my "word of the month"!). The family came to Australia as "Remittance Passengers" and I'm not too sure what that actually means. So if anyone out there can clarify this for me that would be great. I had read somewhere that maybe they were "told to leave" or maybe they were "sponsored" to Australia. Not sure about the fact or fiction.

Briefly, the other family I am researching is the Gentry family from Munden in Essex, being Robert Gentry and his wife Mary Wright. The family came to Australia in 1854.

So that you for your forum and I look forward to being part of your community.

Kindest Regards to Allredf)
Hello and welcome .... we are getting a collection of Aussies on here now.:biggrin:

Found this:
Remittance or nominated passages were arranged by a friend or relative living in Australia, who paid a warrant for their passage to the Government

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Hi Suzie and welcome

Boots and shoes eh!!

Could these be rellies.

1881 census.

Name: Thomas Quelch
Age: 29
Estimated birth year: abt 1852
Relation: Head
Spouse's name: Betsy
Gender: Male
Where born: Oxfordshire, England .
Civil parish: Lambeth
County: London
Street Address: 153 Wandsworth Rd
Occupation: Boot & Shoe Maker

Reg dist: Lambeth
Sub-reg dist: Kennington First
ED: 17

Thomas Quelch 29.
Betsy Quelch 31 . b.East Hagbourne, Berks.

Just a taster for you. There appears to be loads of Quelch folk in London, and most of them 'booties'.
If you could put your queries in the relevant forum, I'm sure us folks maybe able to help.

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Welcome Suzie...couldnt locate Holks Street....often in old times place names were written down as what they sounded like.....so could be Hawkes or Hokes etc.......could well be a long gone Holks Street,try and find out as it is a big County!....all the best..Lee.
Hi Suzie,

I also have a good few Oxfordshire marriages for Quelch, between 1538-1837.

Give me a few names, dates, areas, and I'll see what there is. Also got some burial records, but need names and areas.

Many, many thanks to all for welcoming me to your forum and reply to my queries.

Gibbo, thanks for letting me know about the remittance passages - will try and find out who paid the warrange for passage of my Quelch family to Adelaide.

p.risboy, I have printed off your findings of the 1881 cenus. My Quelch family came out to Australia in 1864. I have their details of from the 1851 cenus, lost them in the 1861 cenus, no mention of them that I can find in the 1841 cenus. My Thomas Quelch was born about 1826 or 1828. I'll keep your information as they could be a family that stayed behind.

Steve, I have little information at the moment about my Thomas Quelch in Oxfordshire other than knowing that Thomas was born around 1827/1828 and his father was William Quelch. The 1851 Cenus confirms that Thomas was born in Oxfordshire as well as the South Australia Bio Index. So I've got some digging to do in Oxfordshire.

leefer, thanks for your information about Holks Street in London/Middlesex. The 1851 Cenus shows the street as follows: Civil Parish - St Clement Danes, City of Westminster; County - Middlesex; Registration District - Strand; Sub-registration district - St Mary. This may mean a little more to you than it does me at the moment.

Again, regards and many thanks to all. I will learn my way around the forum and no doubt our paths may cross again. Thanks for the welcome.