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Fishgaurd to Rosslair 1914-1915

Merthyr Tydfil
Steve thanks for your input. I accept what you are saying in general but there was a war on at the time and ships were being sunk in the Irish sea. In view of the implications of war and the danger of crossing the Irish sea at that time I feel there must have been some sort of record kept of people leaving and entering the UK. For example I know that people crossing from Rosslair to Fishgaurd in the early 1930's had to produce an identity card even though they were born in Wales. I know that Johanna McCarthy (Smyth) did cross the Irish sea via the above ports. Edward McCarthy was Probably with her and their three children. I know that the journey took place after October 1914 Johanna McCarthy died in her homeland Bryanstown County Wexford in December 1915. Edward McCarthy returned to wales via the above ports in 1915. I would be grateful for any information to fill in the gaps in my research. Thank you in anticipation AuntyMary
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