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FLAVELL, Frank - Nottinghamshire


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I'm searching for any information that can be found about a Frank Flavell, born around 1880 in the Nottinghamshire, UK area.

The only information we know is that he had one son, with Minnie Godfrey (b. 1889) Thomas Stanley Godfrey (Stan) born 26th June 1913 in Nottingham. Frank and Minnie never married - I have been told a story that Frank tried to burn their house down with Minnie in it when he learnt she was pregnant. He disappeared and Minnie raised Stan alone.

I have been passed information that he had some connection with Shipstones Brewery in the city.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the Forum.

I can find no Frank/Francis Flavell born 1878 - 1882 in Notts.

I've not yet tried to find him in census.

I can't find one born in Notts or any adjoining county in any census. But I only have FS as a resource.

One can be traced born Bedfordshire and the other born Northumberland.

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Thanks Dave.

It's a really tricky one. Stan never spoke of his father, only just before he died he passed his son (my grandfather) a note saying his Dad's name was Frank Flavell - so that is all we have to go off really.
A few other members have access to census on pay sites so they may be able to find something I can't using just FS.

The two I found were using Francis in the census.
I'm checking Flavell and Favell.

Marriages Jun Qtr 1899
Dickens Herbert - Wellingbro' 3b 319
Favell Frank - Wellingbro' 3b 319
Haseldine Ellen Elizabeth - Wellingbro' 3b 319
Rolls Caroline Annie - Wellingbro' 3b 319

I checked 1901 census and didn't see a Frank. I'll check again.

1901 Frank & Caroline A. Age does not fit.
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I'm searching for any information that can be found about a Frank Flavell, born around 1880 in the Nottinghamshire, UK area.

Hi, is the approx year and place of birth just a guess or is there information pointing to this year and area? Just asking if its a guess as if nothing is found might have to broaden the horizon on age and place.
Marriages Mar Qtr 1901
CROTOM Rose - Chelsea 1a 548
Croton Rose - Chelsea 1a 548
FLAVELL Francis Sydney - Chelsea 1a 548
Humphrey Thomas - Chelsea 1a 548
PARRINGTON Emma Grace - Chelsea 1a 548

Marriages Dec Qtr 1908
DOUGLAS Magdalen - Wrexham 11b 522
FLAVELL Francis Bernard - Wrexham 11b 522
WILSON Clarissa - Wrexham 11b 522
WOOD Arthur - Wrexham 11b 522