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Flight Lt. Clyde 'Sparky' Cosper. US. Airforce.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
This is from The Princes Risborough Bucks Town Council web site.

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Sparky's Memorial

'A B-17 crashed near the town on November 13, 1943. The only thing that prevented the plane from landing directly on the town, was the self sacrifice of the man at the controls, 26 year-old Lt. Clyde "Sparky" Cosper, who managed to pull the plane up high enough to clear the rooftops. The plane crashed in a field well clear of the town, the full bomb load exploding on impact and the plane was blown to pieces.

"Miriam", the B17's nose name, had taken off earlier with its crew of 10 and was waiting for the other planes in the flight to join it. The mission was to bomb German U-boat berths at Bremen. The weather was bad, the take-off was dicey and the climb for altitude was worse. The plane flew into a thunder storm and the downdraft threw it into an abrupt dive. Sparky ordered the crew to bale out and nine men came down bruised, but alive, Lt. Cosper staying at the controls to fly the stricken aircraft away from the town. The crash was just one more to the U.S. Army Air Corps - and it was dully recorded by a mere few lines in the squadron logbook back at the base at Thurleigh, Bedfordshire.

The plaque to Sparky's bravery and sacrifice is outside the library, the crash site has now been built over.'

Thanks Sparky, on behalf of my family and other families of P.Risborough.

A true hero amongst men.:)

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