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Why did you leave? It said.

All I did was tick for my monthly sub not to be renewed. I still have an account. I have pretty much exhausted a lot of the databases on there and don't have much faith in the FMP Fridays as the "exciting new records" are either small, or they are Irish (totally irrelevant to my searches). Only when a huge database comes on again that is very relevant then I will get another sub, or if I find new leads on Anc or FS or even in record offices.
I would guess they would like to know the reason Ben, so they can improve their site.
Something akin to an 'exit interview', when leaving employment to go elsewhere.

If they could keep you longer, they get more money, you get more records. As you've said, they have no more to offer......'until next time'.

I have to say, the only reason I paid for FMP this year was it was half price on Back Friday last year. I'll probably let mine go this year because there aren't enough records to keep me going. As a matter of fact, there doesn't seem to be anything for me at the moment on any site :(

I think another trip to Suffolk RO is on the cards. Keep doing it the old fashioned way with my Suffolk brickwalls.

Also on FMP if they do release a batch of parish registers for a county of interest, they seem to have all parishes except the ones your ancestors lived in.

The IGI has gone to the dogs since it was "revamped". Many records have vanished.
Yes it seems they are releasing county's I don't want, and the ones I do want are a bit far away. I've noticed I can either get baptisms and burials, or marriages and burials or any two combinations, but rarely all three :(