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Food not for thought

If the Chilli is too hot for anyone, add some cheese or yoghurt to their serving.;)

If it don't tingle your tongue, you're a woosey.:2fun::2fun:

I'd just rather not eat it :2fun::2fun::2fun: Does that mean im a woosey?:confused: If so then be it, i'd rather be a woosey than eat chillie :2fun::2fun:
Seems like half the world can make gravy and half can't......I'm with Gibbo..I definitely can't make it,either too lumpy or too bland.
But I will keep trying...that one in a million chance might show up:)

If you stir the flour into the pan juices and some of the fat, it cooks and makes a Roux, the base for most sauces. Then as you stir in the stock/water it will make a thick sauce and never go lumpy.
I like the bubbly sugar method Steve, I'll be trying that one.