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Forces War Records

I've tried Glen but the names coming up obviously weren't the ones I wanted - I'm hoping to get info from my uncle that might help me search - I'll post if any success. Good luck with your own searches :)
I had a browse through it, and found a matching name and country of origin, but like Glen, I'm not sure enough to spend 8.95 pounds for 1 month.
I'd want to look for some more names first, and make it worthwhile.
I might wait and see if someone gets some good results before I hand over my money. I have paid out before only to find the info that is being sold is of no use so I'm a bit more carefull now.

I think you should be very wary about spending that amount of money as the information is likely to be very sparse.
My relatives information was I think only £3.50 and that was for a page containing 3 others with the same name, and that was for WW1
There maybe more info on WW2 so wait until someone takes the plunge.
They are not shy with the emails trying to get me to pay!