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I have noticed some members who have posted and had replies have not acknowledge them, even when they have been logged into the forum. Very disheartening for those who spend time searching and trying to help. [To those who do the right thing, thank you, for acknowledging the work members put in to your query.]

Forum rule # 5) If you make a request for help in any way, please check back on the forum regularly until you have a reply. Remember, people who do help others through this forum do so freely and in their spare time. The least you can do is acknowledge the effort made on your behalf and thank them accordingly.

Forum Rules
I am sure that some people forget they have asked a question because they make the request and are never seen again!:confused:

But if someone replies it comes up in "alerts" so they should see it.
I think sometimes they read the replies and get the information without bothering to log in as the only forum in here you can't read without logging in is the private / sensitive forum otherwise all others can be read from the "outside".