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Forum Rules

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Forum rules are mainly a matter of common sense and simple courtesy and, we do not want to get bogged down with huge lists of formidable do's and dont's. So, the following are more guidelines than anything, although repeat transgressors will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

1) The Family History Genealogy Community forum and all the boards within, are for the purpose of Family History Research matters. The boards are topical so, please stick to the topic of any given board and everyone will know where to find things.
Please make titles of topics meaningful, eg. include a person's name and/or a place where appropriate - adding dates may also help.
Messages may be moved by Moderators to the correct board.

2) All messages posted on this forum must be in English. Without this, the admin staff would be unable to monitor the forum properly. Messages posted in any language other than English will be deleted.

3) No inappropriate postings. That is, no use of bad language; no personal attacks or insults; no flaming; no pornographic material; no links to inappropriate or irrelevant sites; no spamming. This is a child-friendly forum so, please behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

3a) Spam Links - All posts are checked and any links to any website not relevant to Family History, or is promoting a website for personal financial gain, will be deleted and the member may be banned.
One website address (URL) can be added to your personal profile only.
If you are a business, please advertise with us and / or ask permission to post links to your website. Please do not use these forums as an opportunity to get business for free! Advertising or sponsoring a forum is a great benefit for your company to reach thousands of members.
Please note this is a free website and we would like to keep it this way.

4) Please do not give out personal information on the forum. No phone numbers, no email addresses and no postal addresses. This applies to all, but especially to minors. Please protect yourself.

5) If you make a request for help in any way, please check back on the forum regularly until you have a reply. Remember, people who do help others through this forum do so freely and in their spare time. The least you can do is acknowledge the effort made on your behalf and thank them accordingly.

6) Please do not make offers of help or look-ups if you do not intend to live up to your offer. There is nothing more soul destroying for a beginner than to think some kind person is going to help them. They post their response to such an offer and never hear anything. This is ignorant and should not occur.

7) New members and the first 3 posts may be checked manually by our moderators and admin's to ensure they meet our current rules. Use of the Private Messaging will also be restricted until you become a full "FHUK Member". This is to protect our forums and members alike.

8) if you find anything posted on here, or have received an inbox message that is against our guidelines, or feel you being abused in any way - please do not hesitate to contact one of the FHUK admin or moderator team:

9)Various posts from selected boards may be automatically posted to our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and other sectors to attract new members and to expand our attraction.
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ukfamilyhistoryuk/
Twitter Account: Take a look at Family History UK (@familyhistoryuk): https://twitter.com/FamilyHistoryUK

10) Please Note: These guidelines can change without notice. It is the responsibility of each forum member to keep themselves up to date with forum guidelines, so keep checking back on this thread regularly. A response of "I didn't know about that" will not be any defence in the event of a dispute.

Many Thanks to all our members and staff making this a great safe community.

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