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Forum strange behaviour!


dovercourt but born Enfield
Just lately this site has had a strange behaviour in that the first time I click on new post heading (after firing up in the morning) it shows as all blurred and unreadable!:mad:
From then on it becomes clear and readable for they rest of the day!
A reboot does not cause the same effect!
I am suspecting the PC is getting a bit old at 11 years! but this is the only forum it does it on!:confused:
As @DaveHam9 said we're investigating this issue; we've switched to Auto Ads which is fairly new setting for Google.

Auto ads place the ads themselves via Ai, we're doing our best to communicate to Google to get the placements less aggressive.

Please bear with us, we've got to let them run for a while for us to then help with the placements. Googles says.
I think my problem with the site is down to the adverts - as I use Opera which has add blocking I do not see any adverts but if I switch to Edge then there are loads of very intrusive adverts!
Perhaps we could pay something toward site running costs!!:cautious:
Hi everyone,

We have been working closely with google to get better results with the ads which automatically place themselves. Hopefully now it should be getting better going forward and less intrusive.

Thank you for all your cooperation.