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Forwarding Emails

Don't get me started with forwarded email.
I often forward emails to my business account so that I can reply from work.
Unfortunately I forget I have forwarded the email and keep replying to myself instead of the sender. ;)
Hi Julie,

You should be able to just click "forward" then select whomever you want to send it to.


That usually leaves the other e mail addresses in the main part of the message - hence the hassle of round robin e mails. You need to highlight and delete the other addresses that show up :)
Click forward, edit the names out in the email, and add the names you want to send to in the BCC column, that way no one knows who's getting the email.
Thanks for your replies. I highlighted and deleted the other names before the email was forwarded. :)

As Joaning said, just click on forward, enter the persons email address in 'TO' or bcc them, but before actually sending, scroll down and delete the people who had it sent to them before. It is actually email etiquette to do this. You may get someone who hasn't done this in an email, and you've got quite a lot of contact emails, most of them you are not interested in and more than likely don't know them. :biggrin: