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Found at last Ezekiel Prescott

Been looking for this ancestor for some time. I knew he'd been in gaol for theft but couldn't trace him. New records for prison hulks have found him. Poor guy. All he stole was a pair of trousers.
It says he was on the prison hulk Fortitude at Chatham in 1842 so maybe he didn't die of cholera. as I thought he died 1840. He was only 30 but he disapeared after he was convicted and I assumed he died in prison as he was not sentenced to transportation as far as I knew and it is a very unusual name not to show up.
He was a canal boatman as were most of his family. They worked the Liverpool Leeds canal, so not exactly naval and he was definitely not in the navy when he was sentenced.
1842 Anc## have a record at Lancaster for Ezekial aged 30yrs
house breaking convicted of felony
transportation 10 yrs.
I'm sure you already have this.

No I don't have this. So he came out of gaol and then back and ended up transported so presumably he was at Chatham awaiting transportation. We thought he had died of cholera. It gets curiouser and curiouser. Certainly this has never come up in the family before.
Makes me wonder if other Prescotts that we found difficult to trace weren't sentenced to transportation. They were certainly quite a dodgy family later on though not by the time my father was born.
Spitting chips, I posted a reply and connection went down:(

There is another record for Ez who went to trial in Lancaster & got 12 mnths for larceny, he was 28 and looks like he was employed, so hard to read.
10th May 1841.
I'll try the link to Lancaster Convicts & get back to you.
I couldn't find the death you listed in Kirkby, only one for Lpool in 1851.

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No sign of him on the Transportation Database, however it only has about 70% of those transported to Australia for some reason.

No sign of him in NSW or Tasmania.