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Frances Elizabeth Ann Stevens c.1840


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hi folks,

The only info I've got, is from a gravestone.

Born January 1840 and died May 1869.

Found this though.

Name: Frances Elizabeth A Stevens
Est birth year: abt 1840
Year of Reg: 1869
Qrt of Reg: Apr-May-Jun
Age at Death: 29
Dist: Wycombe
Vol: 3a
P: 284

The 1861 census for Fanny Stevens 1844 Hreedles(Meadle), Bucks, is my Gt.Aunt, so not the gravestone lady.

So I'm looking for Frances. E.A. Stevens (1840) in 1851/61.


hi Steve,

In 1861 found a Francess E Stevens, looks like mum remarried to a Newland Morsman. Frances(s) has her pob as Stoke Hammond yob abt 1842. Didnt spot her in 1851 she may be under Morsman.

Edited she isnt under Morsman in 1851.
Hi Julie,

There is no other info on the gravestone, no beloved wife of ??.......daughter of ??........:(

But someone must have buried her, and have a bit of cash for the headstone.:confused:

Looks like that Frances on the 1851 census under Stevens mum is also a Stevens. The death certificate may throw up something!