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Freddie Wheatcroft,a short story.


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Freddie spoke to his lads in the old building he was shacked up with....they were desperatly outnumbered and he knew there chances of survival were grim unless the promised help arrived...the building was under attack from the small arms fire and bombs that rained down onto the small stone French building near the small town of Bourlon.
At last there was a small lull and Lieutenant Freddie Wheatcroft dozed breifly and thought back to his hometown of Alfreton in Derbyshire and his early days at Derby County....as a youngster he had scored three goals in four matches but the prolific Steve Bloomer had kept his appearances down to a minimum.....what a player that Bloomer was thought Freddie and another rat a tat tat tat and the dust of the old building had Freddie back to his senses.
Where is that darned backup he thought and the adrenaline was on high alert....nothing unusual there then.
Another lull and he thought of his new team mates back in Swindon...the little Wiltshire railway town that had become his home,he had banged in goals for fun and the hardworking Swindon railworkers had made him there darling......he smiled as he thought of the fun he had on the little green and brown muddy patch where he earned his corn........where is that darned back up he thought again.
The noise got louder and Freddie fought hard....him and his little band of men in a small house in the country of France.
This looks bad he thought.....this feels bad he thought.....where is that darned back up.


Freddie Wheatcroft was killed in 1917 in Bourlon France,holed up in a building him and his men were brave to the end.
He and his men had been assured of help....it arrived to late.
Many brave footballers perished in WW1(and WW2)....Freddie Wheatcroft was the only fatality during the Great War to die while signed as a Swindon player...more paid the ultimate in the second round of lunacy during WW2 as Swindon Town players.
Freddie is my avatar at present it is the only image i could find(and i looked hard) if anyone could look up any info about his last days or indeed any photos it would be great.

From Alfreton to Swindon.....and finally in France,many merci's to you.
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