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Frederick Fenge


Valued Member
The above named is the grandfather of my nephew, and my cousin seems to have failed through that organisation with an 'a' to ascertain his military records. It seems he was born in Tenby in 1908, but the family then moved to London at some point. I believe his middle name is Maitland. He joined the RASC probably as a boy soldier at 16 (around 1924), and actually did a full service. However, he was one of the Far East POW's that survived, spending about 6 years in a POW camp. Apparently, after the war at some point he changed his surname by deed poll to Maitland, and it is considered reasonably accurate that he retired as a Captain. What is not known is when, where did he join up, was it the RASC (this is because I was told he was involved in transport), so if anyone can throw any light on his military service, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.

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