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Frederick Thomas Wright


Loyal Member
dovercourt but born Enfield
Trying to locate Frederick Thomas Wright, Tailor born 1866 Gravesend Kent.
I have a death for him in 1908 in Croydon.
In 1891 he was in Gravesend with mother, sister and sister in law but no wife!

There is:

First name(s) F T
Last name Wright
Application year 1899
Record set Index to Register of Passport Applications 1851-1903
Category Immigration & Travel
Subcategory Travel
Collections from United Kingdom

If this is him he may have had plans to leave the country.


Title -
First name(s) Eugene John Gough
Last name Hughes
Suffix -
Occupation Hawker
Age 32
Birth year 1867
Year 1899
Date 29 May 1899
Place London
Victim's first name(s) Frederick
Victim's last name Wright
Victim 2 first name(s) -
Victim 2 last name -
Victim 3 first name(s) -
Victim 3 last name -
Victim 4 first name(s) -
Victim 4 last name -
Victim 5 first name(s) -
Victim 5 last name -
Series CRIM9
Source Central Criminal Court: After Trial Calendars of Prisoners
Piece number 45
Folio number 11
Record set England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935
Category Institutes & Organizations
Subcategory Prison registers
Collections from United Kingdom

The person cited was accused and found not guilty of an act of gross indecency with another male person, to wit Frederick Wright.

It may not be him but if he was a homosexual it may explain him 'disappearing'.

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