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Free Access To FMP During World Cup

Hi Fellow Researchers

I got an e-mail from from Find My Past offering free access to anyone valid during England games only for the duration of the World Cup (mind you that could be just 3 more games!...but that's another subject not for this Forum)

"When England play,you don't pay: 30 minutes before the game kicks off, ALL records (including original images and transcripts ) will be free for 3 hours..."

I think this is a brilliant idea by them for two reasons (a) it'll occupy those of us who are not avid football fans but watch England play (plus those of us who are p'd off with the noise those flipping vuvuzelas!) and (b) it will enable people to try it out.

You can go to the normal FMP address or use a search engine for the World Cup info or go here via a shortened link;


(if you want to know how to shorten a www address,put shorten URL in a search engine or you can PM me for the one I use - it's free and safe)


Thanks Martin.:)

Been there on Saturday. Details of this offer were posted on here last week, but thanks for the reminder.:)

It's brilliant that you're thinking of us all.O0