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Free trial 'con'


Active member
I just wanted to make people aware and not make the silly mistake that I did. I took a 'free trial' of 7 days on a genealogy website and thought that at the end of the 7 days they would contact me to see if I wanted to join - which I didn't because it was all American based and none of my ancestors (to my knowledge) are over there. A couple of weeks later on checking my bank statement I noticed that £44 had been taken out so I sent an e-mail to the genealogy website querying this and they said that as I had not contacted them within the 7 days trial they assumed that I wanted to join and that the money is not refundable.
So, the lesson here is - read the small print in the terms and conditions before you get click happy like I did. :mad:


Well-known member
Staff member
Isnt it so annoying. I know its a lot to you guys in UK - 44 pounds - but if subscribe from SA im lookng at 440.00 rand. I get so infuriated when it says free site - search for your ancestors and then it tell you you will get the info for a price.

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