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french/flemish huguenots in carrickfergus area ireland

durham, north carolina
hi i am Joan Greene live in North Carolina. was chatting to my grandmother on my dad side she was saying her mother maiden name was Lucina Hernandez from Spain. She was saying her father was a Ulster Scot (whatever that is) from Carrickfergus county Antrim in United Kingdom. But she thinks she has french huguenots heritage. she was telling me that her father was from the protestant domination in Ireland was looking at the heritage of Unionst people in Ulster and was saying 60% where Southern Scottish heritage 25% where from Northumbria, Cumberland, County Durham, Lancashire and Cheshire in North of England. Furthur 6% was from Walse and the South West England, 7% French Huguenots and the remain 2% German Palatines and Flemish Huguenots. Her Father was Henry Clawson not a very comman name but he says there where loads of them and they where related to him. He says it was changed from Classon. He remember her father tell her his grandmother on his mum side was Woods his says that Woods would be a comman Irish surname but on the nationalist background but his family was from unionist background and thinks it was changed from Dubois. Also he recalls cousin called Jannet are this French huguenots names

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