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Friday 13th


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Robin Hood County
For good luck, hang a horseshoe over your front door. For really good luck, hang the entire horse over your front door.

Horseshoes usually bring good luck today, but never trust a horse that wears high heels.
madison, New York
Hi Julie,

I hate to admit this but I am always leery of friday the 13th:eek: , I had a good friend way back in grade school whos birthday would sometimes fall on friday, birthday of course june the 13th :eek: she would tell me some of the bad things that had happened on those birthdays. At that time I did not believe, but....... that year I was surposed to go to her party and my mother brought us first to my grandmothers to swim in the lake, well my brother and I had a water fight, I ran down the dock got on the slide just a he threw water at me, I slipped, fell off the slide onto the dock post and punctured my liver, (very bad luck) but when they got me to the emergency room they actually had told my poor mother that even though they were going to operate that I would slowly bleed to death, (more bad luck:'( ) well if you can't tell that did not happen (I got Luckly;) ) even though I put a nice star shape hole in my liver they were able to close it and stop the bleeding. Friday the 13th's I believe are a little bad luck, but I also believe that with every dark cloud there comes a silver lining.:biggrin: Joyce

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