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frustrating brick wall!


Help!Advice sought-got birth cert for my greatgrandfather William Seaman Waights found this info-his mother Mary Ann(nee Seaman)born Harwich 1815&his father William Henry(mariner)but no idea when or where WH born.He married1839&died(I thinK)1861& I have ordered these certs,easy as they were after1837.But how do I find out when and where William Henry Waights born&who his parents were?Sorry its a long query and prob obvious to you but I am new and I don't know!
Would be grateful for any help,
Simba x
you stated that you have the certificate of marriage, that should have his father first name on there, also what his fathers profession unless of course he was deceased at that time and if he stated the truth (which sometime they lied to get married) it would have his age at time of marriage which will give you approximate year of birth. I know from talking to other that since you have the parish you might also get more information from there records. Sorry but I don't know how to contact them but I know someone here does. Joyce
thanks julie and joyce,but have tried LDS site-nothing,and all I have on marriage cert is fathers name&occupation no more -he was obviosly being secretive just to frustrate me!simba x
on marriage cert you will have the age of the people who were married also the fathers names for both, if the birth you are searching for is before 1837 try parish records, if you want help i will search for you on the net,glad to help.
do you have WH's parents info, the marriage give me what info you have, i'll do my best to break youir brick wall down!! send info by Private message
thanks jojo
for jojo21
thanks for your help offers-would love to take you up on it but don't know how to send private message!
william henry waights died 1861 and was 77then-v sad he died in peckham house lunatic asylum of melancholia,but it gets complicated-this means he was born in1784.but (big but)is this age right?his father listed as william waights publican of harwich-the only william waights I can find was born norfolk in 1771 which makes him a father at 13!!if you can help unravel this mystery I'd be eternally grateful!yours a v frustrated simba!
Hi simba9 first if you want to pm someone - click on their name, several options will then appear - click in the send pm and away you go. I did find a William Henry waights born 18/9/1785 at Millbrook,Hampshire parents William and Elizabeth. However ages can be way out, - sometimes people didn'tknow exactly how old they were,and had to guess. Some took a few years off esp if their spouse was younger than they were, by the same token sometimes a few years could be added. On the 1841 census [I think] ages were rounded up or down to the nearest 5, and if someones age was 37 they could be 35 or 40 yrs I usually add 5 years + - of presumed date of birth. :)