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FULLER family


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Marriages Dec Qtr 1901
Fuller James William B W. Ham 4a 237
Muggeridge Annie Matilda W. Ham 4a 237

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1911.



Births Dec Qtr 1874
FULLER James William B Portsea 2b 487
26 Henry Rd East Ham
James William Fuller marr 36 Coffee Tavern Manager b Portsmouth
Grace Fuller dau 7 b New Beckton
Ellen Fuller mother widow 76 b Emsworth
Alfred William Fuller nephew 19 b Plumstead

RG14PN9528 RG78PN509 RD188 SD5 ED9 SN333
This one looks the most likeley

RG14PN9528 RG78PN509 RD188 SD5 EDN9 SN330 Piece 9528

26 Henry Road, East Ham

James William Fuller 36 married Coffee Tavern Manager Portsmouth
Grace Fuller Dau 7 New Beckton
Ellen Fuller mother 76 Widow Emsworth
Alfred William Fuller 19 Nephew Power Station Swithboard Attendant Plumstead

In the columns for years married, number of children etc which is usually next to the wife's name he has put married 9 years 2 children 2 children still living, which has then been crossed out.

I can't find Annie because she could be anywhere and there are too many Annie Fullers. A birth date would help narrow things down.

Thanks trace.

Thanks Emeltee.

This is a continuation of two previous topics on this family. Attacking from a different angle this time. Not sure how many days it might take to get it all together. A rather common name with lots of siblings and cousins.

James William Bate Fuller
Event Place West Ham, Essex, England
County Essex
Civil Parish West Ham
Ecclesiastical Parish St Andrew
Sub-District Plaistow
Registration District West Ham
Residence Note New City Road
Gender Male
Age 26
Schedule Type 85
Page Number 11
Ellen Fuller Head F 66 Emsworth, Hampshire
James William Bate Fuller Son M 26 Landport, Hampshire
Henry Fuller Boarder M 65 Guildford, Surrey
Alfred William Fuller Grand Son M 9 Plumstead, London

From FS - does not say if Ellen is a widow or not.
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Trying to find a birth reg for Grace. New Beckton = London but what RD?

Also trying to find James W B in 1881 and 1891.



Artizans Terrace, Park Dale Road, Plumstead, Woolwich

Ellen Fuller 55 widow Emsworth, Hampshire
James William Fuller son 16 Cartridge Maker Portsmouth

Can't find them yet in 1881

Have not found a death yet for James W B and Annie M.

Have not found the birth reg for Grace. Should not be 1903. 1904 or early 1905 probably.

A possible James W in Essex in 1939 but no sign of Annie.

I wonder if Annie died before 1911. I know it didn't say widower.

I can't find the family in 1881. Don't know who Ellen married or when.
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Deaths Mar Qtr 1923
FULLER Ellen 88 West Ham 4a 170

Can't find a Probate record.

1911 - 2 children - 2 children living and only 1 child in that census.

One born 1903 and the other Grace 1904 or 1905.
Thanks Geoff.

My mistake.

Not '1903'.

Not 1902. So Grace 1903 or later.

Births Dec 1903
FULLER Grace W. Ham 4a 322

It seems only two children. Annie not with family in 1911 and no sign in 1939 register index.

Would be good to get the deaths for Annie and James W B but progress depends on finding who Ellen married.

If someone was born 10 June in Essex or say Hampshire would the reg be Sep Qtr?

I don't even know if I have the right FULLER family. Not found anything yet that connects this topic to the other two topics.
If someone was born 10 June in Essex or say Hampshire would the reg be Sep Qtr?

I don't even know if I have the right FULLER family yet.

Could be Q2 if before July 1st or Q3 if after..

Yeah, this is a poser :rolleyes:

County: Hampshire
RD: Portsea Island
Sub-RD: Kingston
ED: 21; Piece: 634; Folio: 145; Page: 11

Henry Fuller 56
Elizabeth Ann Fuller 50
Ellen Hele Fuller 27 [b. Emsworth]
Charles Wm Fuller 23
Henrihetta M E Fuller 16
Sarah Ann Fuller 11
Eliza Fuller 6
John Robert Fuller 4

If the birth date is 10 June and the birth is registered in June then it would be Q2 April, May June. If the birth was not registered until July then Q3. Can't remember how long you have to register a birth. 6 Weeks comes to mind but could be wrong.

Thanks Emeltee.

I have several problems with this family and possibly found one more if that is the right death and probate.

Marriages Jun Qtr 1925
Fuller Doris - Gough W. Ham 4a 64
Gough Frank - Fuller W.Ham 4a 64

Looking for dob for Doris in 1939 Register thanks. I hope that sorts things out.
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