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FULLER family

I think there is no problem with partial images. I did ask in the Mod forum once what % of the total was allowed and did not get a reply.
Thanks, Dave...

In another place, there are acceptable ways of getting around this with wry smiles, probably even by the owner of the intellectual rights :D. On forums such as these we are small fry :rolleyes:

Marriages Mar Qtr 1857
Cooper Matilda Chelsea 1a 180
Fuller William Robert Chelsea 1a 180
Tennant William Chelsea 1a 180
[Wodehose Mary Aime Chelsea 1a 180]
Wodehose Mary Anne Chelsea 1a 180
Wodese Mary Ann Chelsea 1a 180

It would seem there is one groom missing. 2x on the image not 3 so one is a duplicate in the index.
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I can't find William R in 1851 or 1841.

Louisa is 40 b. Marylebone in 1861. I can't find her either in 1841.

Louisa Fuller
Christening Date 28 May 1820 ST MARYLEBONE, LONDON
Birth Date 17 May 1820
William Fuller & Louisa Mary

HO107 Piece 1486 Folio 57 Page 15
William Fuller
Event Place Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Registration District Marylebone
Residence Note Cavendish Mews North
Marital Status Married
Occupation Coachman
William Fuller Head M 61 Uxbridge, Middlesex
Rachel Fuller Wife F 60 St George, Middlesex

A death for William between 1851 and 1857. Lots of possibles but not one in RD Marylebone.

I can't find William & Rachel in 1841.
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William Fuller
Spouse's Name Rachel Jenkinson
25 Apr 1811 St George The Martyr, Southwark, Surrey

Catch you later Geoff.

I'm off to visit a nursery to get some azaleas.

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OK, Dave...

London C of E Marriages:
William Fuller
Spouse: Louisa Mary Marshall
28 Feb 1818
St George, Bloomsbury
Witnesses look like Hugh & Maria McLennon..

Interesting that Louisa was probably a minor?

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Thanks Geoff.

Not been a good day.

Didn't find any azaleas that would suit. :rolleyes: I'm looking for indica hybrids that are sun tolerant.

Not having much luck with Fuller in 1841 and 1851.

Don't know if that's the right baptism or even the right coachman.

I can't see William and Rachel in 1841 but have found the following


Devonshire Mews East, St Marylebone

William Fuller 45 MS No
Louisa Fuller 40 No
William Fuller 14 No
Thomas Fuller 12 No
Stephen Fuller 4 Yes

It was the fact that he was a Male Servant and lived in a Mews that looked reasonable for him being a coachman or at least something to do with coaches and horses.

It's possible Emeltee.

I think I have William's sister Louisa as a servant in 1851.

HO107 Piece 1472 Folio 358 Page 11
Louisa Fuller
Event Place Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Registration District Chelsea
Residence Note Manor Terrace
Marital Status Unmarried
Occupation House Keeper
Relationship to Head of Household Servant
James Dixon Head M 40 Skelton, Yorkshire
Henry Dixon Son M 4 Chelsea, Middlesex
James Dixon Son M 2 Chelsea, Middlesex
Henry Dixon Brother M 23 Skelton, Yorkshire
Louisa Fuller Servant F 30 Marylebone, Middlesex
Maria Young Servant F 24 Wandsworth, Surrey

Deaths Mar Qtr 1885
FULLER William Robert 58 St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 337

No Probate record found.

Deaths Dec Qtr 1878
FULLER Eliza 36 Chelsea 1a 229

No Probate record found.

The image has Eliza as 23 in 1871 but if the marriage was 1862 then 23 is probably not right.

Births Dec Qtr 1841
Wearing Eliza Marylebone 1 150

That seems to fit.
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1841 William not born Middx. married to Louisa slso not born Middx.

1851 William a coachman born Uxbridge married to Rachel.

No marriage found between census.

Deaths Mar Qtr 1873
FULLER Louisa 72 Marylebone 1a 403

Probably not that one - daughter Katherine Plume Fuller.

Deaths Dec Qtr 1865
Fuller Louisa Mary Uxbridge 3a 20
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1861 Louisa M. Mother Widow 61 b. Surrey

Wm. Robert Fuller
Christening Date 15 Jul 1827

Thomas Fuller
Christening Date 27 Jan 1830

Stephen Fuller
Christening Date 18 Apr 1832

Susannah Fuller
Christening Date 28 Jan 1835
Wm. Fuller & Louisa Mary

William 14 N
Thomas 12 N
Stephen 4 Y
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Stephen Fuller
Christening Date 12 Mar 1837
Birth Date 14 Feb 1837
William Fuller & Louisa Mary
Could this be Louisa in 1851?


Leader Street, St Luke Chelsea

Loisa M Fuller Widow 51 Nurse Bermondsey, Surrey
Susannah 16 Unm Whitechapel, Essex
Louisa M Fuller 6 granddaughter St Marylebone