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Funny memories.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Just had a chat, and this funny thought of my Dad came to mind.

My Dad owned an old 1963 Ford Consul. And as some of us can remember, the windscreen heaters/demisters were not usually the best in the world.

My dad had a small bath sponge to wipe away the mist from the inside of the windscreen when it got really bad, and the demister could not cope, especially on rainy days.

We were coming back from Slough, from a football match that my brother had been playing in. We won, by the way.

It was about an hour and half drive back home, and my dad was a careful driver (slow) and driving coaches an lorries was his job.

Anyway, we stopped at a transport cafe, to get a cuppa and something to munch on. While we were sitting in the cafe, the heavens opened and the rain was really heavy.
My dad, said "Come on boy, we'd best get going". So I swallowed my orange squash, and stuffed my scone in my gob, and off we went.

The car was misting up as usual, and and the heater was useless, so my dad reached under the dashboard to get his old bathsponge.
He grabbed it whilst concentrating on his driving(still slow) and then proceeded to wipe the screen.
He slammed on his brakes, and slew into the side of the road. I thought "What on earth............."!!!
I looked up and saw a big splurge of thick messy white stuff all down the inside of the windscreen.
It turned out that he had wiped the screen with the cream bun he had bought at the transport cafe.

It had totally obliterated his his vision of the road in front, hence the 'emergency stop'.
I wet myself laughing, along with my dad.


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