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G.G.G Grandparent.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
My mothers paternal grandparents were a little bit of a mystery for me for a while, up until now.
I have now found my Grandfathers, Gt. grandparents and one Gt.Gt.grandmother.
This was by an absolute fluke. I found one rellie relatively easy, and I remembered one of Juliejtp's post's. She had found somebody's grandparents by 'turning' a page of a census entry. So I tried the same.

So I started from page one and 'flicked' through 40 odd pages, and I could not believe what was unfolding before my eyes. I then worked back again.
All these families were neighbours, living down one street, albeit a very long street in the 1851 census. All 8 families that make up my Grandfathers line.
So I did the same with the 1841 census, although not as detailed, it all fitted like a glove.
So now I have 17 rellies from 1841 and as they seem to average 8-10 kids a family, what is the total by 1901 going to be like if the majority survived.:eek: :eek:
I am now starting to get the hang of research.

So thank's to this site, and the people on it. helpusall

Steve.:) :) :)

ps. have just found one rellie, Joseph Graham, who had gone to America after 1851 and appears back in England by 1871 as a widow, with his son Joseph jnr. born New York, America.
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