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Gabriel Parchmann

Trying to find my gg gf Gabriel Parchmann, born about 1820. Wife's name is Caroline?, first born is Carl Fredrich August Parchmann born 19 August 1851.

I have searched everywhere I can think of, with NO sign of Gabriel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Penny,

I've not been able to find anything so far.

There was a German forum that had a board in English. The registration was still in German but I managed to get past that to post my query on the English board. I've not had a reply in 6 months.

My tree is 25% each English, Scottish, Irish and German ancestry. :rolleyes:

The site was listed here but so far I can't find the post. :eek: Does anyone remember it?


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Hello Julie,

Thank you. Yes. ;) Requests in English / Anfragen in englischer Sprache


Curious. I have not received a notification but I have had a reply to my post.

When I've really had enough of my Irish and Scottish ancestry I should spend more time on the German branch of my tree. I should have done German in high school. Well, 5 years of French got me into university at age 16 so I'm not complaining. :D



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Hi Dave,

I found that post in the forums. The people at ahnenforschung.net are most helpful, but I do not get email notifications, I have to visit the site for updates. The site itself is structured like this one, so navigating is easy. I saw your post there this morning.

Gabriel was born in Briesenhorst, Brandenburg, which is now Brzenzo, Poland. I have no idea if the records from this area still exist. GedBas does not have any Parchmanns in the database, which leads me to believe that the Brzenzo records are not online.

Lots of work ahead of me, but, if I can find Gabriel it will be worth it! Let me know if you come across any information in this regard, thanks,