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Gedcom file how to create a readable one

I have Family Tree Maker 2009 and an old 2005 version I keep because my brother likes it. How can I create a small file of just one branch of my family to send to a distant cousin who has contacted me? I have a huge tree and most of it wouldn't be relevant to her. I don't know exactly what software she has but we made contact through Ancestry on my Family Tree Maker
Dear Duckweed

I feel so sorry that no one has replied to your question. Sadly I cannot help you, other than that I used to keep certain families in separate files so that I could a) know where I was b( to be able to print them out if needed for research purposes. I am about to change from Family Tree to Roots Web as my old computer died a death in the attic study but my son managed to get my lot off it on to a CD.

I am just plucking up the courage to load it and the information that I also have on paper needs to be loaded on to it. I only know that I have to make a Gedcom file for the old CD to put it on to the new programme.

I hope someday someone will know what to do and let you know

Hi DW,
Could you allow access to your tree, and let your cousin retrieve from it what she needs.
Apart from that I have not got a clue, but no doubt others will 'chip in'.

Like Maddie says, I'm sorry no one has replied. My only excuse is that I'm trying to catch up after being away for a few weeks.

Sorry I can't help much.

Family Historian recommends making a copy of the whole tree and then deleting the parts that you don't want.

The programme has a utility which helps with deleting those sections in the tree which you don't require in the copy and has a warning that you have to make a copy of the tree before you start.

I haven't used the facility so I don't know how well it works.

Family Historian uses a gedcom file to store all of the family tree data in.

I would have thought that other programmes would also have facilities to do this.

Try looking at The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2009. It has been recently been reviewed in the September Issue of My Family Tree.

The programme reads the whole of your family tree than allows you to select any individual to create a report for that person of their own direct relations. (plus indirect if requiered)

I had the same problem as you, having a large tree and different relations wanting info. This software overcomes the problem.

The report can also include an index of people, places (ideal for planning visits to record offices/graveyards), dates and an anniversary index putting all the events of the family into one year, month by month.

The software is straight forward to use;

1. Create Gedcom file from any program
2. Import file
3. Select person for report
4. Select items to include
5. Press Create report
It will create either .pdf file good for e-mailing or a Word file to allow further editing.


It is downloadable with a 30 day trial period.
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Family Tree Maker 2010 has a facility for exporting maternal (or paternal) ancestors to a separate Gedcom file. You can filter individuals with a specific surname either in or out during the process.

Unfortunately, the procedure isn't set out in the program's help file (so far as I can see) and is also a bit cumbersome. I found it in the 'Little Book Of Answers' (pages 51-55) which was bundled with the 'Platinum' edition.

Hope this helps.
Its a while since you made your post, so you could have solved your problem
I have't gone through the whole procedure, but on 2009 version, if you click File, then Export, it gives you the option for the type of export you want. If you click gedcom it gives you the option of who you want to include, if you select the home person of the branch you require, you can then select which branch of this person you wish to include.
I suggest you try it on a tree you dont mind losing, and back up before you start
if you just want to down load some of it ,take the relevant parts and save them as a document,once you have got them as a document you can either download it onto a memory stick or cd,,i do it all the time with fotos, i load em up on my laptop and them when i want to print em i just shove the cd into my desk top pc which the printers hooked up to and bingo, might not be the professional way, but its easy and it works.sue.x