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Genealogy Annoyances.


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I reckon many of you have come across annoyances in genealogy when ancestors just wont let you find them, or even take the delight in making tracing their siblings, cousins, employers or friends hard so that you cannot smash down the brickwalls.

Here are a few examples of how some of our ancestors curse our hobby :D

The workhouse records, parish registers or record entry pages are crystal clear but the entry for your ancestor is illegible, or has a huge ink mark splodged over the vital info.

Finding that ancestors married in the registry office rather than their local church so that you cannot look up the marriage for free at the local record office and still have to fork out £7.

Finding that an ancestor was in the workhouse in a census then to find that the admission registers contain all the years covered except the year that your ancestor wasd admitted. Registers cover 1840-1857 and 1859-1900, and that 1858 was the year than your rellie entered the workhouse and that is the only year that the registers hasnt survived.

Banns registers or marriage licenses which survive onwards starting from the year after your ancestor married.

Awkward ancestors who marry miles away from where you think they should have married.

An ancestor died in the workhouse in 1885, the admission registers say the date, then to your delight you find Relieving Officers or Board Of Gurdian Records that go up to the year that your ancestor was admitted, so you can find a workhouse order from the local RO, only to find that the workhouse orders stop at the week before your ancestor was ordered to the workhouse.

Ancestors who sign their name on certs yet put their mark on others.

Ancestors who always change their mind about their age or birthplace on censuses.

An ancestor who was born with a common name such as John Smith yet has one or two middle names but they never use them on records when they are adults.

Two brothers who use the same names for their children and breed them at the same time and have the same wifes names.


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