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Genealogy brickwalls. The clues stare us in the face.


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Often in genealogy we hit brickwalls and many of our assumptions are just theories but we sometimes do not realise that the clues are often there staring us in the face.

Its like my Roberts Success story when my great, great gran was born illegitimate. Her mum Mary Ann Walder married Thomas Roberts 6 months later and the baby was then baptised as "Mary Ann Kate, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Roberts" I knew Thomas was a widower when he wed the mum before I searched further.

I then found out that his wife died while Mary was 7 months pregnant and had been ill for a long while of "Phthisis, years certified"according to the Nov 1863 death cert. I suddenly thought that he was seeing Mary Ann before his wife died and the length of her illness made the idea of the husband having an affair while she was really sick sound totally feasable. That was the clincher cert in proving the paternity of the baby.

The babe was illegitimate because the fathers wife had just died.

The story is so logical and watertight and proves that the clues are often there.


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