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Genealogy Jokes.


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This man wanted to trace his family history to see if there were any skeletons in the closet. He went into his cellar that night and found some.

The enumerator knocked on the door of Davy Jones, for the 1861 census at his London tenement.
"Come on in my good man" said a cheerful Davy.
"What is your name"?
"Davy Jones" replied Davy.
"Oh, do you have a locker?" said the enumerator.
"No" said Davy.
"Where were you born"
"In a bed" replied Davy.
"What do you do for a living"? asked the enumerator
"I work" replied Davy.
"Do you have any disabilities"
"Well when my wife is out, I dont have any" said Davy.
"One thing, this room of yours is a tenement, I thought it was an elevenement" said the enumerator.
"Its a Twelvement" said Davy.

This man was tracing his family tree. He traced an uncle in Wales and an aunt in Seals. A grandad in Cornwall and a gran in Wheatwall. A cousin in Leicester and a great aunt in Morester. And a son in Somerset and a daughter in Winterset.

Thomas Harker was a criminal and was tracing his family tree.
"Has there always been bad blood in you"? said his mate.
Thomas replied "Well I know there are thousands of Harkers in Australia".

This old man worked as a Victorian soap boiler.
He used to put Emmerdale and Coronation Street into a metal boiling pot.


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