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Hi, I am new on this site and am researching my great grandfather, Charles John Brooke born 1869 in UK, either London or Great Yarmouth. He emigrated to the US in 1886, married Annie Dean Scovel (daughter of Col. James Matlack
Scovel, Camden, NJ) in 1889. I cannot find any birth records on my grandfather only a census done in Croydon Surrey for a Charles John Brooke and he was listed as living with a family named Baker and they listed him as "boarder", I do not know what that means, can anyone help me with this, thank you very much. Cheryl Cramer Briard
Hi Cheryl,
have found in 1871 census. It looks like Brooke in the census?

Charles Brook b.1869 Croydon. living on the Isle of White, and listed as grandson. Living with:-

Barabas Calloway 60
Eliza " 57
Rose E " 29
Emily " 17
Charles " 14

Jane Brook 27 b. Godshill I.O.W. (maiden name of Calloway) Jane also had brothers *Charles* and *William*.
Rose " 5 b. Croydon
Charles " 2 b. Croydon
William " 1 B. Croydon

68, Albert St.
Isle of White.


House 258

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Now I am wondering if Charles J Brooke, my great grandfather was an orphan.
Cheryl Cramer Briard:(
Hi I want to thank everyone that is helping me with finding the ancestors of my grandfather Charles John Brooke. The direction to the Isle of White is very interesting with the census stating a Jane Brook living in her father's residence, Barabas Calloway and one of the children is Charles Brook, could this be my grandfather? My father always said that Charles John Brooke went to school at the Yarmouth School of Art on the River Yare, we have an old sepia engraving of the Brook House on the River Yare in our dining room. My grandfather, Charles John Brooke became an architect in Philadelphia, PA., I am wondering if he received his architectural training at the Yarmouth School of Art. Thank you this is so interesting to research this mysterious relation, I am looking for his marriage records in the US, too. Thank you again! Cheryl Cramer Briard:) :) :) http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
I noticed in the 1881 census where he was a boarder, his occupation was a 'telegraph messenger'
This could be either as an employee of a telegraph communications company, or possibly a signaler in the navy.
Not sure where the link is between that and an architect.

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