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Generations Of Potters


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Hi all,:)
Families!!, don't you just love 'em.My family amongst other things where generations of potters, and a rum lot they where to!.But absolutely brilliant for putting meat on the bone, as all you long serving researchers keep telling me.They are a complete mixture of Welsh, Irish, Scots and English assortment.My Great Great Grandfather, was a Methodist Preacher, a Master Potter and a Bare knuckle Prizefighter, what a combination!!.He used to Preach outdoor sermons and the pub across the way, sent him pints of Guinness out to keep his throat from drying.Absolute brilliant businessman when sober, a holy terror when drunk.Fortunately, he had loads of friends who used to carry him back safe and sound.Amongst my other relatives, are Boatmen/Mariners, Weavers,Miners,Railworkers,Brass Cannonmaker and last but not least an avid Art Collector, who wrote for the'Times' and was a Consul for a South American Country.They are all individuals and I love them all, even though they are all long gone now.But the more I find out about them, the more they come alive.God bless them one and all:kissu:.If you can find details like these about your relatives. it becomes a pure joy to find out more about them.I know I am extremely lucky in this department, but to everybody out there, who has hit a brick wall, you just never know what the next question will bring;) keep chipping away at those walls:biggrin: all the best kerrymac.Which is the ancestor who has given you most joy in finding out their details?
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