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genes reunited problem


it appears my genes reunited account has been deleted, by someone maliciously, long story, anyway, i have emailed them, but does anyone know if i can retrieve the information as stupidly i did not have it stored anywhere else! 3 years worth of hard work, gone!:'(
Hi Judem,

Have you not got any original emails from Genes Reunited at all?

If not the only way would be to contact them directly.

You should be able to prove who you are as you had to pay them by credit card I presume!?

With all the information that you have collated over the years - I would always suggest using your own program, then upload additions as and when to their site (or any site).

The biggest problem with many of these sites that you can add your family history research, is that once you have uploaded to them - You trasfer your ownership - they then actually own the information I believe!

You really need to talk to them and find out if they have backups of your information.

Let us know how you get on.

All the best,

Am I right in thinking that, although you have deleted you account, the information still remains on their system. If you had let another member of GR access to your tree, they still might be able to have access to it. They may not be able to copy it as a file, but may be able to make a hard copy of it.

Just a thought!
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i am a member of this site my self,i think i had somthing like this done myself,not deleted but copyed. anyway on a different matter i had to rebuld my tree 3 times due to different reasons,i now have a GEDCOM file which i got from the site ,there is a section on the site now where you can import & export your gedcom,this is invaluable now uncase anything else goes wrong