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George Albert Ives.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
George Albert Ives. abt 1861 in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Occ. Journeyman Baker.

Can he be found in 1881 census please.

Father - Thomas Hall Ives. b.1824 - Amersham. (Died 1884 ).

Hi Steve,

~Sorry, found his mum and dad but can't find him in 1881. I take it you have him in later census, where did he end up?

Ancestry have his father as dying in 1888 not 1884?

Hello Barbara,

He is in Ireland. :2fun: We had no idea it was Ireland. Journeyman baker.

Please see marriage topic. ;)
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Deaths Mar 1884
IVES Thomas 44 Amersham 3a 325

Deaths Jun 1888
IVES Thomas Hall 64 Amersham 3a 321
So you have that his mother is in Bucks Lunatic Asylum in 1881? And then out again in 1891. Shall I just leave you to it, you seem to know what is going on.:2fun:

Hello Barbara,

No, I don't have the full story. I didn't know about the Bucks Lunatic Asylum. Not sure Steve does either.

I just know why George A can't be found in 1881.
Yes, she was in Stone mental Institution.:(

And yes, Thomas Hall Ives was buried 27th May 1888 @St.Mary's, Amersham.(A slip of the finger.:rolleyes: ).

Still couldn't find Thomas Hall Ives in 1881, so I assumed he went to Ireland with George Albert Ives.

Have you seen Thomas Hall Ives in 1881 Barbara.?

I found him Steve but think he has given the wrong age. He is in Church Alley but down as 48 when he should be 58. The writing is clear but the address is right as Ann came back to live in Church Alley in 1891 and in 1871 the family are in Church Alley too. The occupation is also right as he is brickmaker's labourer and he is married but there is no wife there. Too much of a coincidence not to be him.