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George Augustus PERDRIAU


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This is the branch of the PERDRIAU tree at the moment with the majority of entries as PERDRIAN:

1. George Augustus b. 8 Sep 1814 Portsea, Hampshire d. 1 Mar 1876 Lucknow

marriage 1. ??

--sp Juliana UNKNOWN


---2. James Augustus b. 11 Jan 1843 Monghyr d. 3 Jun 1918 Lucknow

----marriage 22 Oct 1866 Lucknow

----sp Mary Josephine MALLON / MULLON b. abt 1849 probably India d. 24 May 1932 Lambeth


-----3. Alexander Douglas Cunyngham b. abt 1873 Bengal d. 1932-1947 ?

-------marriage 15 Aug 1898 Lucknow

-------sp Olive Mary LEACH c. 4 Nov 1882 Bengal d. aft 1947


-------4. William David Cunyngham b. 13 Feb 1901 Lucknow d. ?

-------4. Alan Charles Cunyngham b. aft 1901 d.?

----------marriage 1 Sep 1947 Singapore

----------sp Margaret Ellen ATCHERLEY b. Mar Q 1900 Barton Upon Irwell, Lancs d. ?

-------4. Merle Stella Cunyngham b. 1909 d. 8 Jan 1909 Lucknow
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1. George Augustus

marriage 2. 1856 Bengal

sp Mary MUNNIAH b. abt 1832 d. 10 May Cawnpore d. ?


--2. William b. 1856-1862 Bengal

----marriage 1881-1885 Bengal

----sp Magdalene GARDNER b. ? d. ?


-----3. George b. 1881 Bengal d. 23 dec 1881 Cawnpore

-----3. Susan b. 22 Mar 1887 Cawnpore d. ?

------marriage 26 Nov 1913 Bengal

------sp Lancelot MOORE b. ? d. ?

I fear it will be difficult filling the gaps.


Regarding Margaret Ellen Atcherley, who married Alan Charles Cunyngham Perdriau. I found this recently through a manual search of the Deaths Abroad pages at Find My Past:

GRO Deaths Abroad index for 1990 shows death of Margaret Ellen Cunnyngham-Perdriau registered at post Madrid, volume C/HC, page 0359; date of birth given as 15 Dec 1899.

Margaret's brother Roger Philip Atcherley also died in Spain, his death being registered at Algeciras in 1978.

I have yet to find a death record for Alan (or a birth record come to that), but from the following I presume he died in or before 1956:

Passenger list for the Camito shows Margaret E Cunningham Perdriau, born 15 Dec 1899, single, UK address Lowther New Town, Penrith Cumberland, arriving Southampton, Hampshire, England on 9 Dec 1956 from Bridgetown, Barbados; country of last and intended future permanent residence Barbados, intended duration of stay in UK 1 year.

The term 'single' included widowed and divorced. More about Margaret and her family can be found on my website: www.atcherley.org.uk

I have this info for Alan, some or all of which you may already have:

(1) Passenger list for the Malwa shows Mr A.C.C.-Perdriau, 25, UK address 43 Croxted Road, West Dulwich, police, arriving London, England on 3 Apr 1931 from Singapore; countries of last and intended future permanent residence F.M.S. and England.

(2) SINGAPORE HOCKEY MATCHES. S.C.C. Too Good For M.C.O. S.C.C. ... 5; M.C.O. ... 1. Excelling in the forward line where their opponents failed, the S.C.C. defeated a Malaya Command Officers' eleven by 5-1 in an interesting hockey match on the Padang yesterday. With two men in A. C. Cunnyngham-Perdriau and M. C. Elliott combining well, and the others giving good support, the home team raids were always dangerous. [Many other articles in the same newspaper around the same time period indicate that Cunnyngham-Perdriau was an excellent hockey player.] Source: The Straits Times, 2 December 1932, Page 13; see - http://newspapers.nl.sg/Digitised/Article/straitstimes19321202.2.67.1.aspx

(3) Passenger list for the Rajputana shows A.C. Cunnyngham-Perdriau, Crown Agent, departing London, England on 3 Jul 1936 for Singapore.

(4) Passenger list for the Stratheden shows A.C. Cunningham-Perdriau, Crown Agent, departing Southampton on 11 Dec 1939 for Singapore.

(5) Passenger list for the Canton shows Alan Perdriau, 33, UK address 156 Church Road, Upper Norwood, S.E. 19, police officer, arriving London on 2 Jun 1939 from Singapore; countries of last and intended future permanent residence F.M.S. and England.

(6) Passenger list for the Britannic shows Alan Charles Cunnyngham Perdriau, 40, UK address 13 Sylvan Hill, Upper Norwood, S.E. 19, police, departing Liverpool, Lancashire, England on 22 Aug 1946 for Singapore; countries of last and intended future permanent residence England and Singapore.

(7) With more than 21 years in the Police Force, Mr. A. C. Cunnyngham-Perdriau, Singapore's film censor, who was married to Miss Margaret Atcherley on Monday, was one of the finest hockey players in Malaya a decade ago. Besides playing for Malaya against the unbeatable Indian Olympic XI in 1932, Mr. Cunnyngham-Perdriau has represented Singapore in inter-State matches as well as having played for the Colony in the Colony-F.M.S. series for a number of years. In 1932, he captained the victorious All-Malaya Hockey XI in matches against Hongkong and Macau. Mr. Cunnyngham-Perdriau who had learnt his hockey in India, was one of the most consistent goal scorers in the Singapore Cricket Club hockey team. Playing on the left wing, it would be nothing unusual for him to juggle the ball through a maze of defenders and score. Although Singapore hockey enthusiasts have not seen him in action since the war, it is hoped that he will turn out for the S.C.C. this season. Source: The Straits Times, 7 Sep 1947, Page 2; see - http://newspapers.nl.sg/Digitised/Article/straitstimes19470907.2.17.aspx

(8) APPOINTMENTS. Mr A. C. Cunnyngham-Perdriau, Superintendant of Police, has been appointed to act as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Singapore. Source: The Singapore Free Press, 17 Mar 1950, Page 5; see - http://newspapers.nl.sg/Digitised/Article/freepress19500317.2.64.13.aspx

Hope this is of some help.

Hello Steve,

Thank you very much.

That fills in a few gaps.

I've gone through all the Singapore newspaper entries.