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Lydia c. 1 Oct 1820 Almondbury, Yorkshire
Geo. BEAUMONT & Sarah
Batch: C017126

Lydia's marriage in 1839 has her father as a weaver. I'm hoping to find the right marriage. Two possible here and maybe others.

George Beaumont & Sarah Woodhead
19 Dec 1814 Almondbury, Yorkshire

George Beaumont & Sarah Hirst
26 Aug 1816 Almondbury, Yorkshire
Batch: M017126


Last name BEAUMONT
Birth year 1820
Baptism year 1820
Baptism day 01
Baptism month Oct
Mother's first name(s) Sarah
Father's first name(s) George
Father's occupation Clothier
Address Newsome
County Yorkshire
Country England
Description All Hallows
Record set Huddersfield Baptisms
I did look at this one, Dave.. nothing conclusive...

One interesting piece of info was that on the same day as George and Sarah Hirst married was a marriage of a Joseph Askham and Mary Hirst, different officials overseeing the marriages.

No occupations..

Deaths Sep 1877 ARMITAGE Lydia 57 Huddersfield 9a 201

Lydia, age 57, buried at St John the Evangelist Newsome 31 July 1877. Abode Stile Common.

No Probate record found.
Perhaps we move on.

Deaths Jun 1838
BEAUMONT George Huddersfield 22 197
Deaths Mar 1839
Beaumont George Huddersfield 22 203
Deaths Dec 1839
Beaumont George Huddersfield 22 244
Deaths Mar 1841
BEAUMONT George Huddersfield 22 275
Deaths Jun 1841
BEAUMONT George Huddersfield 22 222
Deaths Mar 1842
BEAUMONT George Huddersfield 22 207
Deaths Mar 1843
BEAUMONT George Huddersfield 22 273
Not sure if this just worsens the problem :rolleyes:

Mary Beaumont
Christening Date 23 Feb 1817
Christening Date (Original) 23 FEB 1817
Christening Place ALMONDBURY, YORK
Father Geo. Beaumont
Mother Sarah Dyson

Thanks Geoff.

As I indicated in post #1 I expected there to be more than the two marriages.

I might check the newspaper archive.

When Lydia married in 1839 both her and Charles were minors, 19 & 20y respectively... The image doesn't reflect this, just their ages.. I wonder if that would indicate her parents were dead?

The only other bit of note - abode in marriage and later census - Newsom.

James and Elizabeth Armitage were both still living.