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George Coombs. Any ideas?


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I did post on this before a short while ago and a bit more evidence has come to light.

My 4xgreat grandfather George Coombs and his wife Sarah had their last child William Thomas Coombs baptised at St James, Piccadilly, London on the 4th March 1830. George was a coachman and the family were of 7 Husband Street, Soho.

I have mentioned in my success story on here that Sarah Coombs had her marriage banns to James Bradford read in Marylebone Church July 1834. She was a widow and they (James Bradford and Sarah Bradford) witnessed Sarah's eldest son Matthew George Coombs wedding in July 1835. Sarah Bradford then witnesses Matthews second wedding in July 1845 and registered his first wife's death and one of his sons deaths and is on the 1841 census in Marylebone with her youngest son William aged 12 who is my 3xgreat grandfather. Sarah died in 1851 aged 60 so born about 1791. I am well pleased that the banns record proved I had the right Sarah. July was a favoured month for weddings in that family. Jeez.

This means that George Coombs had to have died in-between 1830 and 1834 if Sarah had her banns read in July 1834. I manually searched all Westminster and Marylebone parishes in 2005 to 2007 and could find no burial of a George Coombs/Coombes/Combes etc that would fit and Westminster and Marylebone seem to be the most obvious areas as Sarah was in Soho in 1830 and Marylebone in 1834.

Now that many London parish records have gone online from the LMA, even though they are not yet fully complete I found the burial of a George Combs in November 1831 at St Pancras Parish church. He was of the workhouse and aged 41.

My George Coombs would have been about that age in 1831 as him and Sarah born about 1791 had Matthew Coombs in 1812. Also it is the right time frame if Sarah had her marriage banns to James Bradford read in 1834. The workhouse records survive for that time for St Pancras and the entries say George Coombs, not Combs like the burial, aged 41. Unfortunately no occupation or address was given.

George Coombs was admitted to the workhouse on 27 Sep 1831 and discharged on 14 October. he was readmitted on the 10th November and died on the 15th November aged 41.

He does not appear in the registers an time before September 1831.

So far this is the only likely candidate for that period and age group in the whole of London. It does look promising. A cousin who is also a good researcher reckons we have him and my mum does.

I have been trying to find him for ages and it looks like I have found a burial. The conjecture is good. He was buried by the workhouse in a paupers grave.


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