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George Robert BARNES


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Barque 'Abbotsford'
Master: Hicks
Origin: London 1840 Nov 26
Destination: Sydney 1841 Apr 5
Cargo merchandise
Barnes Mr and family
Walker Mr and Mrs
Walpole Mr
9 in steerage

Born vessel 'Abbotsford' ??


Reel 5016
Page 140
Presbyterian Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of St. Andrew's Scots Church Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1853
No. - When Baptised: 27 Sept. When Born: 31 January 1840 George Robert - John Barnes & Elizabeth King Ellen Abode: Surry Hills Quality or Profession: Merchant By whom the Ceremony was performed: Rev. Robert Stewart

Something is very wrong here.
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Ok, one problem solved. Date of baptism was 27 September 1853.

The NSW index records the baptism records by the year of birth not the year of baptism.

The family baptised four children on the same day.
George Robert b. 31 Jan 1840
William John b. 25 Mar 1842

No birth reg in England for George Robert ?

Did the 'Abbotsford' make more then one journey to Sydney? Can't be 'bv' with those dates of departure and arrival.

Australasian Chronicle (Sydney, NSW : 1839 - 1843) Tue 6 Apr 1841 Page 3 Shipping Intelligence.
5.-From London, having left the 19th November,
the barque Abbotsford, 407 tons, Captain Hicks,
with general cargo. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs.
Barnes and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and
Mr. Walpole; steerage, Mr. and Mrs. Watkins and
family, Messrs. Trinder, Yates, Conry, Carrol, and
Miss Culverson.
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Marriage 3906/1872 BARNES GEORGE - CRISP AGNES - YOUNG * 9 Oct

Births Jun 1848 CRISP Agnes - Rugby 16 498 mmn BOYSON

Marriages Dec 1843
BOYSON Alice Brixworth 15 449
CRISP William Brixworth 15 449

Cold Ashby - date not on FS or FreeREG
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The first three children baptised 12 Nov 1837 St Dunstan Stepney
William John b. 1834
Thomas Alfred b. Apr 1836
John Frederick b. Sep 1837

Then twin daughters Elizabeth Jane & Mary Ellen b. 9 Jan 1839 ?? No sign of a birth reg and I have no baptism. They both died a few months later.
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Born vessel 'Abbotsford' has to be an error.

George must have been born in England but no birth reg.
Seems nothing re this gibbo apart from burials so that's it then thanks.

Twin daughters Elizabeth Jane & Mary Ellen b. 9 Jan 1939 ?? No sign of a birth reg and no baptism.