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George William Bernard John Graham

Hello Everyone.

My Father died when I was 11, so I never knew anything about his millitary service in WWII.

I remember someone saying her was involved un D-Day and was in the RE, but that's it.

Can anyone shed any light on my Father's service career?

George William Bernard John Graham
DOB: 04/10/1913
Born and lived in Wandsworth area until 1956.
Col, apart from any other replies you may get, The Royal Engineers have a museum and a Comrades Association - it may be worth you sending an email to:- deputycontroller@reahq.org.uk BUT they may need number and rank as well as name. The museum is in Chatham and is where there is an Annual Reunion each year in September, and there are still WWII RE's around as I sat with two at a function last week. It's just a thought for you to consider.
Col, I'll chat to a friend of mine who is a former Sapper and find out what information is likely to be held at their Museum - so I'll be back with the info after the festive season. If there is any other information you have, let me know. Best Wishes. Brian
Hello Lanto.

I know more about my grandfather, who died before I was born, than I know about my dad.

You don't really talk to your father when your a yound kid. Playing with my friends was far more important. One day I went to school, I came home, and he was gone. All I have are a few pictures, post war. :(