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Getting no acknowledgement for helping others.


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I am sure others have had this irritation in general or on other genealogy forums. Someone posts a query and you go to help them and even if you don't find anything and say for example "I just checked the 1900 electoral rolls for Islington and I found nothing that could interest you" they only acknowledge the people who may have found a lead in other records when looking for a certain person, and ignore those who took the time to look at a certain register even if they found nothing. Makes you wonder if you should only help people you know will thank you, like on here. I helped a lady today by looking through 1851 census results for someone to see if any of their fathers had a certain job to help her on her way and track down the right person, I found nothing of interest and told them I found nothing, and got no thanks yet she acknowledged every other poster who found a possible lead.

That is what I mean by being ignored when trying to assist someone and saying I found nothing of any interest.
Life's like that Ben. Most people are set on getting results, and not just help.

It's happened to most of us , time after time.....but still we go back for more 'punishment'.:rolleyes:

Not sure if I remember not thanking someone, even if nothing is found. But I guess I may have forgot at some point.

Don't worry about it, but I understand how you feel.
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Even Mackiev the new owners of FTM do not reply or thank you.
I have repeatedly report a fault in the new version of FTM but no reply - don't know what they did but it didn't happen on the old version!

Still I have found a work around so it don't bother me :biggrin::2fun: