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Ghost town

You are right Gibbo but most of us have quiet periods when nothing new is found!:(
I thought I would find lots more when the 1921 census appeared but it has many mistakes which at £3.50 a pop is no good.:mad:

I can imagine there are those who are trying to get back to 'normal' after the last few years of living a totally abnormal life, as what they have been used to.
Also, there are those of us are pretty much stuck as far a we can go with our own family trees.

1921 census didn't bring many surprises for me, except it helped another member of FHUK figurering out where my Great Granny actually died. I was at a loss with that one.

Steve, i don't think the covid years are to blame. It's been going quiet in here pre covid, i have bought this up a number of times over the years and what can be done to "liven" things up but it fell on deaf years every time. For some time now if Daveham hadn't been posting there would hardly be anything going up on the forum. Im not sure what the answer is but i am concerned if something isn't done the site will end up folding or at the very least stay stagnant like it is which is not very appealing to anyone looking to join.

edited to add... Im aware of admin Dave's situation and understand he is not always available but can't those of us who love this site try and put our heads together and come up with something that may help.
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I'm not sure how we can liven things up, if there are less members coming onboard, or actually showing interest in FH.
It seems a similar problem with other sites like this.
If use my England county of interest, which is Buckinghamshire, there is very little interest on these other sites. There is one that had only 12 enquiries for Bucks since January. The other, there have been none. There were far more a few years ago.
This has also shown in possible family members contacting me, for access to my tree. In the last 20 months, only 3 messages, but before that, at least 5 or 6 a month.
Perhaps the interest in Family history is on a downward spiral. Maybe it's the financial side of it.

There is also more and more records coming online, so these bypass sites like this and others.

As for DaveHam, I really don't know what other paying sites he has signed up to, or accesses for free. But yes, he obviously is the main question and query contributor for quite a while, without a shadow of a doubt.

Perhaps the interest in Family history is on a downward spiral. Maybe it's the financial side of it.

Now i will admit that is something i hadn't thought about, family history been a downward spiral or that so many records online now that sites are not needed as much. If that is the case its a shame cause we can't do anything about that :oops:
Perhaps the existing members may have ideas to boost interest.

Perhaps a bio or a story of an interesting, scandalous, funny, or just an ordinary, or amazing family member from our own family trees, that would be interesting to read. Not a competition though. These could be put under a single heading of thread.

Any ideas for a title heading, everyone. Or any other ideas to increase interest.

Thank you. I'm using my phone at the moment and the phone and I don't get on real well. When I'm back on the computer tomorrow will throw some ideas around.
Not sure how you can get folk interested if the interest isn't there in the first place. If my daughters are anything to go by, a lot of 20-50 year olds just have no interest in family history whatsoever, and if they don't have the interest they are not going to use the forums that are available.
'Family skeletons and other stories'.............seems more inclusive, rather than just Skeletons.

There will be certain rules, such as no living people to be mentioned or alluded to. (Rules to be finalised, if this goes ahead).

Anyone else have suggestions for a heading title.