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gibbo's history lesson day


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Charters Towers queensland
A interesting day today i had :2fun::2fun:

I took my son's girlfriend with me today and headed for the cemetery. I needed to find some graves. I asked the cemetery worker for some help and he showed us where they were. All good :biggrin: But when i got home i discovered i had missed one on my list:rolleyes: Back to the cemetery we went and the really helpful cemetery worker took us in his work truck directly to the grave and we ended up having a small tour around the cemetery checking out some other graves he thought we might be interested in. A great history lesson :)

We left the cemetery and headed for town to buy my grand daughter a birthday present. A tourist stopped us on the footpath and asked if we were locals. "YES we are" we answered. He then asked us about the initials and name on one of our old buildings in town. "Got no idea" we said redf) " Not real good locals are we" i said redf) Suppose now he will go and tell everyone we're all wallys where i live :2fun::2fun::2fun: I need to brush up on my local history on buildings i think, you never know when someone will ask about them :2fun::2fun:
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