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Gloucestershire placename

Leamington, Ontario
My 4x gg, Robert Marsh, immigrated to New York, then to Upper Canada in the late 1700's. His tombstone still exists and is legible. It reads: "Sacred in the memory of Robert Marsh a native of Lorrige, Gloucestershire, England..." I have tried, unsuccessfuly, to locate a place called Lorrige in Gloucestershire. Does anyone have any ideas of where this place might be? i'm assuming that it is spelled incorrectly on the tombstone...
Katie May
Hi Katie
Just listing this find, not sure if your family but worth keeping to one side in your search, very interesting.
Robert Marsh Upper Canada
Tasmania Convict Ledgers 1846
sorry cannot make out remarks.
Maybe one of the forum will be able to help.

Hi Katie,a very interested story.
Found this link(above)......so he liveth on with the stars:)

As Dave said Lorridge these days is little more than a few houses scattered around....but in his Day it was probably very important piece of land for the Berkely estate....if you google Berkely Castle it will give you an idea of the importance to the local area.
Like the fact that your Robert Marsh called his homestead Lorridge...in the above link.
Nice old picture of the old house as well.

Robert Marsh

Thanks, Lee, for that information. I have visited the David Dunlap Observatory and knew the family connection...but had not seen that particular file. With the city ever expanding, it is a struggle to keep heritage properties intact.
Thanks, as well, for all the info on Lorridge. Not a huge spelling error...but an error nonetheless...

Not sure, Oz, who the Robert Marsh on the Tasmanian Transport would be...could certainly be an descendant of "my" Robert Marsh. Worth looking into.
Again, thanks, everyone.
Hi Katie May

Re. Lorrige, it's actually originated from a farm called "Lorridge Farm", in Berkeley Heath, on the A38 road, Gloucestershire. I am descended from Thomas Marsh, the eldest-half brother of your Robert Marsh.

I visited the farm in 2004. I took photo the farm and its barn.

Andrew Plaster

Thanks, Andrew, for the information on Lorridge Farm.
Do you have any information on the parents of Robert Marsh and your Thomas Marsh? That's as far as I have gotten back with that particular line.

Again, thanks.
Katie May
I am descended from Robert Marsh's wife, Sarah (Bridgford). Sarah's first husband was Robert Bridgford. Their son, David, is my 3rd great grandfather. It appears that Robert came over to New York on Robert Bridgford's ship (he was captain). When Robert Bridgford was murdered, his widow, Sarah, married Robert Marsh. They came to Upper Canada in the mid to late 1790's. Would love to get in touch with you to exchange info.

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Re: Lorridge

Hi katie May

The parents of your Robert Marsh (b.1771) were Stephen Marsh (1717-1788) and Mary Bishop. Stephen's first wife Mary Blick. I am descended from their son Thomas. Stephen also had other wife in France namely Mary Bourteois where he was a soldier and officer in the English Army and fought in the Seven Years War (1756-63).

Hi Dinah

I am descended from Robert's older half-brother Thomas (b.1742). I have heard the story about Robert and his wife Sarah Bridgeford, as follows:

Notes for Robert from the Canadiana Room in the North York Library, ed from
"County of York" pub in 1907 p351.
Robert (James) Marsh married Sarah in New York and came to Canada in 1796.
They were Presbyterians and parents of four children, James (1796), Mary (1800), Sarah (1802), and Nancy (1805).

Robert and a brother left England (likely Bristol) in a sailing vessel under the command of Capt. Bridgeford. They landed in New York 1792. Robert's brother went to Boston and we know nothing more about him. Capt. Bridgeford, after getting money to pay his crew, was robbed and murdered.

One story states that Robert married the captain's widow with a son, David (1789-1867). They eventually made their way to Canada and settled in Markham Township.

Good morning all, I am also looking for information on the Marsh family in this post. Andrew, I would be very interested to learn more about Stephen Marsh (1717 - 1788) and his three wives.
Thanks very much in advance,