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God bless the Women's Institute.


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Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have just purchased a book from Amazon, which was Compiled by The Federation of Women's Institutes. 'The Buckinghamshire Village Book'.

It describes village life and historical facts from approximately 188 villages around Buckinghamshire.
There is roughly, only a page on each village but it does give quite an insight to the character of the villages and the people in it. The inhabitants names that have lingered from the time of the doomsday book, until the present day.

One snippet from it:
: The Bledlow Ridge W.I. has earned a place in local history for it's phenominal jam production during the 2nd W.W.
They produced 25cwt. from the glut of cottage garden grown Greengages, the like of which had never been known before or since.
Their efforts recieved high praise from the country.
What the price of 'Jam and Jerusalem' image then.

Only a page or two into it, but I'm loving it already.:)

The price of this little gem........1p + £4.02 postage. Absolute bargain.;):)



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swindon wilts
Looks good Steve....the WI in Stratton ware i live has fond memories for me...as a youngster i would go to the WI Christmas fundraising fair.....one year i won some Old Spice aftershave and 2 battered Beano annuals!

Because i deliver to many printers i pick up some gems for free.....copies that are the test copy/quality control...only get chucked out so some fine people keep em aside for me...since Xmas

1-Birmingham in the 50/s in photos....Brilliant
2-Cleeve Hill history and photos.
3-Old Pubs of Doncaster.....brilliant also.
4-A year in the history of Lyme Regis.

All the best as always.

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