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I'm having trouble with finding my Great grandmothers grandfather. I have a letter written by her (Alice Josephine Godfrey Lowe) in 1907 to her cousin, Katy Godfrey (who then lives in Topeka, Kansas) about an inheritance they're thinking of trying to get. In it she tells her cousin she's writing to the family history. (I am truly blessed to have such a letter!)

In it she explains Sir Thomas Godfrey that is mentioned in a letter is her grandfather. I don't have that letter. Sir Thomas Godfrey was her father's father and her cousin's father's father as well. Sir Thomas Godfrey married an Irish girl named Rosanna Fagan of Lisburn, Derriaghy, Ireland. She being only a farmers daughter, he was cut off as 'his people stood high'. He had a yearly income that died with him. Sir Thomas Godfrey and Rosanna Fagan were of different religions, he was Protestant and she was Catholic. My great grandmother says this was the reason they were so angry. Their children were all raised Catholic.

Her father, George, and her two uncles were offered commissions in the English Army if they would convert to being Protestant, they refused. This is all that was offered to them by her father's people. (This is what the letter says.)

She goes on to say 'her Grandfather's mother was by name Hamilton of Scotland. He was the youngest son and she left him a yearly income for as long as he lived.' She goes on to say George Godfrey (later called Major George Godfrey) of Newry, Ireland was a brother of her grandfather.

It gets a little confusing as my great grandmother Alice then says her father was English and came to Ireland due to bad health. She was born in Ireland from what the family says, and all ties appear to go to Co down and Antrim. I know she has an aunt in Scotland from an answering letter from her cousin Katy, but no name. Alice's brother, Francis Hamilton Godfrey marries in Scotland in Port Glasgow to Mary Bingham but then moved (back?) to Belfast, Ireland. He did move around quite a bit.

I've been able to find Alice's father's name (as in the letter she just calls him 'my father') through marriage certificates. But I've been unable to find any certificates for Alice and George themselves. I've tried to figure out the connection to the Hamilton of Scotland, going through trees, searches, etc. but can't find anything. I don't know if he was cut off from the family if he was then left out of family trees, etc.? One line in the cousin's letter says the aunt in Scotland feels like the only one to have a chance at the inheritance is "Uncle Frank's boy as he is Protestant". Alice says the big 'push' for someone to inherit began about eighteen years earlier, so about 1889. Alice was born about 1854, so her father in about the 1930s? And her grandfather about the turn of the 1800s? All guesswork except Alice's birth range as that is on census's after she came to America and from when she died and the age given.

Can anyone please help?
Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give. I'm happy to answer any questions.