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Going On What Is Most Likely.


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I have posted my Roberts family history success and mentioned it again in my Genealogy Clincher Evidence thread on this page. The facts that I have established are very likely and I think that they are conclusive. The success thread entitled "Thomas Roberts & Mary Ann Walder" is very good and that shows what I have found so far and with a few logical thoughts I have made a judgement based on strong circumstantial evidence and paper evidence.

The facts are

1861 census Mary Ann Walder, single, aged 21 living at home with her parents in Warninglid.
1861 census Thomas Roberts, aged 47, a Servant Domestic, living in Brighton with wife Esther and daughter Ann aged 9. No other children.
1861/1862 Esther Roberts health is getting worse as she has phthisis (Lung TB)
In late March or April 1863, singlewoman Mary Ann Walder becomes pregnant.
14 November 1863, Esther Roberts dies in Brighton of "Phthisis, several years, certified".
31 December 1863, Mary Ann Walder gives birth to her baby daughter Mary Ann Walder Jnr, and the baby is illegitimate, born Warninglid, Slaugham Sussex.
28 January 1864, the birth is registered in the Cuckfield district of Sussex.
Spring 1864 Thomas Roberts and Mary Ann Walder swiftly move 50 miles away to London.
25th July 1864, Both Thomas Roberts and Mary Ann Walder marry 50 odd miles away from Sussex in West Hackney, North London.
6th November 1864 the baby is christened as "Mary Ann Kate, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Roberts" at West Hackney Church. Her DOB of 31/12/1863 is also listed.

I think that the timeline that I have listed above is pretty conclusive. You will never get 100% certainty of anything in FH but there is very, very strong odds that Thomas was Kate's father and he knew Mary before his wife died and was seeing her probably as a means of comfort while his wife was dying. The illegitimate birth is explained because the fathers wife had just died 6 weeks before.

I published the story at first on here because using documents and the timing of the events I have made a very logical judgement and that is why I published it to the site because that is the likeliest theory based on evidence.


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